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Be it in the kitchen, garage or the store, we are all forced to cross the trenches of the domestic battle ground. Nowhere are there more opportunities to personalize your own protocol than in your home. A stack of remote controls may seem unnecessary to some, but to you they're your lifeline to the sporting world. Volume controls at a touch with precision tuning are what separates man from beast. An entertainment center is not a piece of furniture, it is a temple of worship, constructed for family and friends. It is the sacred battleground of many a war waged over control for your god box. Every Guy has experienced the rigors of packing for a move, or traversed traffic for a midnight trip to the store. Every Guy can recite his story of a trip in a packed car that lasted too long. As you travel your way through this chapter, we ask that you remember that there is no better place to be than in your home, stoking those home fires. Be it with your wife or with a buddy, remember, your home is your castle. Yet there comes a time when you must leave your sanctum. Stepping out of the safe confines of your home brings with it a unique set of circumstances. This journey through the Home Fires of Guydom is one trip you are sure to enjoy.

Category: Camping

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