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GuyRule # 16.: That First Beer

"When you're working outside on a project, How Soon Do You Offer That First Beer? In the morning, when you start working, the standard answer is noon. However, depending upon where you are in the project, that time may vary. Now you definitely wouldn't offer beer early morning, if you just started the project, because you see, all the other Rules that applied would all of a sudden be thrown into chaos, because now the other guy has got a built-in excuse: he drank too much!" -G "Um hmm." -D "So you cannot offer beers too early in the morning. So when is the actual time to do it? Everybody says noon, but that's just a guideline. Is it ten? Ten-thirty? It's determined upon how late you are into the project, and if you feel comfortable gettin' hammered with that guy." -G "You have to feel comfortable that he know you're perfectly willing to drink before noon." -D "That's right. Whether you're willing to drink before noon depends on where you are, who you're with..." -G "Like if you're with your boss..." -D "That's right, never." -G "But if you're with your best friend, on vacation..." -D "That's right, there's certain rules that apply. Guy Rule. There's always the test-fire offering of the beer. Early in the morning, you act as if you had forgotten to mention it to him, so you do the old forgot-to-mention-it-to-him test run. 'Hey, I'm sorry, did you want a beer or somethin? Coffee, you know...' There's always that test run. If he feels comfortable about lettin you in, as if ruling to take off and go, 'okay, yeah, I'll have a beer!' " -G "You don't so much show that you want a beer yourself, but that you have it. You know, 'what ever you want to drink pal, I've got water, tea, soda, beer, coffee, ...'" -D "That's right. If the guy doesn't accept..." -G "You can see it in the eyebrows when you mention the beer..." -D "That's right. You've gotta let him know that beer is acceptable at your home, because if you don't let him know that, then he's wonderin 'Oh my god' (if it's early on in the project) 'does this guy drink beer?'" -G
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