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GuyRule # 55.: Grading Farts

Sub Rules:

55.1 55.2 "It's imperative that when the guy next to you farts, you've got to at least make an effort to give it a grade. And you have to be fair, even if you don't like the guy. And there are certain criteria. First of all you've got the unsolicited sound which is very very loud and you've gotta like it. The second one is the stinky one, the worst kind, okay, without the sound. Then there's the ultimate primo fart with the stink and the sound, the room-clearer, that every man is proud of. Now, you have to make that token resistance of how much you disliked it. You have to throw that token in, but in truth you respect that he just blew you away. That's the Guy Rule and you just have to live with it." -G
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