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GuyRule # 72.: Batting Techniques

"Okay, you've got the Mister I'm-Gonna-Crawl-Up-On-The-Plate-And-Swing-The-Bat-Around-To-Try-And-Make-Everybody-Think-It's-Not-Too-Heavy kind of batter, then you've got the wuss who stands back on the plate and kinda leans in because he's afraid he's gonna get hit by the ball. Inevitably, this kind is always gonna strike out. There's also the Mister I'm-Going-To-Choke-Up-On-The-Bat. Big wuss indicator if they choke up on the bat. And you've always got the guy who gets the batting helmet that's one size too big, and he can barley see out from under the rim. That's kinda the rule. You've gotta have one guy that's doing that. And it's usually the same guy who's leanin' into the plate and inevitably strikes out." -G
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