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GuyRule # 76.: The Best Buy and Most Famous Person

"Every single guy has got their 'Best Buy' story, their best value. They knew somebody that knew somebody that got the greatest deal, best deal in the world. Whether it's 'I knew a guy who got a great deal on a motorcycle, one-in-a-lifetime story...,' or whatever, every guy's got one. The Guy Rule is that you've gotta tell that story to as many people as possible in the hopes that you can outdo the next guy's Best Buy story." -G "Related Guy Rule: every guy also has their 'I Knew Someone Famous' or 'Knew Someone Who Knew Someone' story." -D "Everyone's got one. 'This Is The Most Famous Guy I've Ever Met' story." -G "Right. And usually, it's pathetic how obscure the connection is to actual fame." -D
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