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GuyRule # 78.: Every Guy Has a Get-Rich Scheme

"Every red blooded American has got a Get-Rich Scheme that nobody else has ever thought of. Okay, you've always gotta have one of those. I'm gonna get rich doing this, I'm gonna get rich doin that. And you've always gotta hesitate. You can't just go out and tell everybody you see you're gonna get rich doing this scheme. You've gotta only selectively put it out there. Okay, so if you tell him that top secret thing, that's like a really cool bond." -G "Yeah, you only tell a select few." -D "A select few." -G "And usually it's the one's that you expect not to laugh in your face." -D "That's right, that's right. And also," -G "You've got your little confidence going on there." -D "And also, for most guys, but not all guys (this is where you have one of them gray area rules), most guys don't tell their wives. You're afraid the old lady's gonna shoot your idea down." -G "Exactly." -D "See, they're" -G "The last thing they want to hear is her spelling out for them all of the fears they've buried about it." -D "That's right, and they point out" -G "They'll lay em right on the table." -D "They'll tell you the truth, so you can't tell them, because you've gotta lie to yourself a little bit (that's a Guy Rule) so that you'll believe that this scheme could really happen." -G Through the wonder of the internet, inspiration, a good book agent, and Rosie, here is our "Get Rich Quick Scheme", it's called GuyRules the Book. It's available now at the following locations. Purchase copy now @

Published by: Andrews & McMeel

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