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Category: Camping 


GuyRule # 85.: Fire is Really Important to Guys

"Another note on fire. Fire's extremely important to guys." -D "Oh yeah." -G "It's one of the first really cool things that the guy had control over within the family thing. Way back to cavemen, fire was power; if you could make a fire, I mean, you're the guy. It goes way, way back." -D "Here's what it is..." -G "It might even be The Original Guy Rule, when you think about it." -D "Fire? Fire was a big one, perhaps the original, that's right, because you've gotta pass it on to the other guy. Fire was the start of Guy Rules! Starting your camp fire is the primeval return to early man. You're in the nature, just like the cavemen were. You're startin' fire with the women around. The only thing you don't do is pull 'em by the hair into the tent." -G "You'd better not!" -D
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