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GuyRule # 91.: Reacting to Your Buddy Getting Hit in the Nuts

"You're sittin' around with your buddies; one of them somehow, in doing something, gets whacked in the nuts. Every guy there, including the guy who gets hit, has to giggle or laugh. It may be a nervous laugh, but you laugh anyway. It's almost like everyone knows how much pain that guy is in and the laughter may just ward it off, or at least protect them from future similar pain themselves." -D "And every guy also knows the pain stages. Okay, you've got that initial slap in the balls, you don't really feel it. Then you've also got that Here-It-Comes kinda fear, and all of a sudden, a few seconds later, you always know, 'Yup. That's a full-blown hit in the balls.'" -G "Now, the etiquette involved is that, you have to laugh. You no choice. You can't even sympathize with the guy. You just kinda have to laugh. When your turn rolls around, he'll be laughin' too, so don't worry about it." -D
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