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GuyRule # 94.: Your Favorite Brand

"Every guy has his brand of gas. The Rule is that you've gotta ask the guy, for example, 'Heh, what kind of gas do you use?' If he uses some cheap stuff like AM-PM, then you know that this guy doesn't have a clue as to what kind of gas to use. Same thing with oil, every guy's got his own brand. And it never fails that you look at the other guy and you judge him according to what kind of oil he uses. And the same thing with his batteries. Every guy has battery loyalty. Now, the reason for that, is that, you only buy batteries, like once every six months, but neither or high water, you will not use any other brand. For example, say you're a Duracel kinda guy, then you can only use Duracel. If a guy brings over some kind of cheap thing like Ray-o-vac, or somethin', well then you can judge him based upon his battery selection." -G
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