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GuyRule # 96.: Keeping Up with your Buddy

"When your buddy invites you to his home town, you've gotta act cool when you get there, like you know everything about the place like he does. When you're chasing around town and doing things with him, you've gotta do everything he does, at least as well as he does it. You act like you've DONE all that stuff. Whether its hiking up a hill and youre out of shape and you can't show him that you're breathing heavy, or going to a historical site in the hills, you're like, oh yeah, I know this stuff. Or it might be rock climbing and youre scared of heights, scared to death, but youll go climbing with him, because thats what he does in his home town, and by god you can do it to, you're comfortable with it. Because he's your buddy and you're a guy." -D
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