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GuyRule # 104.: Helping Your Buddy Leave

"There's always that Guy Rule that when a buddy comes over to your house, kinda pops in on one of them deals, you give him that look like I-Understand-That-Youre-Gettin-Close-To-Where-Your-Ass-Is-Gettin-Chewed-Out-So-You-Better-Leave-Pretty-Soon. So you've gotta kinda throw that thing out there that says 'Hey man, you better take off, or you wife is gonna get you.' That's that bone. He knows that what he's doing is staying there as long as he possibly can, just to show you that, look, man, I'm in control of my wife. I don't have to leave and go home right away. But the other guy recognizes that thats what he's doing, so its like, 'Youre getting dangerously close. Go ahead, man, its alright kind of Guy Rule.'" -G
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