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GuyRule # 108.: Musty Shirts

"Because you've been a bachelour and have to do your own laundry, often times you find yourself in the situation where you leave your clothes in the washer long enough that they develop that musty smell. Alright, the Guy Rule is that it's quite acceptable that you can wear that musty-smelling shirt, as long as you take your cologne that you normally wear and slap it all over that shirt to cover it up. That's quite acceptable as a Guy Rule. However, you could not wear that shirt that smells musty (because you were probably out drinkin' too long with the buddies and left it in there kind of thing), you cannot wear that shirt when you go out on a first date with your girlfriend. Can't do it, because there's always that possibility that she might smell through the cologne. Therefore, you have to go ahead and get a completely different shirt." -G
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