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Category: Ego 


GuyRule # 112.: Pissing in the Wild

Sub Rules:

112.1 "When two guys have to piss in the wild, they first agree that, yes, they have to piss. Even if one guy suggests it, and the other guy doesn't really have to, he just may take him up on it. Especially if beer is involved; pissing never hurts. Anyways, the guys seperate to about 5 or 6 feet apart. They usually face the same way, but each angle themselves slightly away from the other guy. They don't stand completely back-to-back, because that would reveal shyness or sensitivity. Rather, they angle just a bit; enough to prevent any possible visual contact with the equipment, but not enough to inhibit the constant chatter that occurs during the piss in the wild." -D (Thanks to Eric from Tucson for this Guy Rule)
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