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Category: Ego 


GuyRule # 127.: Men's Room Etiquette

Sub Rules:

127.1 "We all know that when women go to the ladies room they socialize. They tend to go in pairs, talk from one stall to another, help each other with their makeup, clothing, etc."

"This kind of behavior is strictly forbidden in the men's room. Three rules all guys must always observe in the men's room are: (1)never talk to the other guy (unless you happen to know him, and then keep the conversation brief and related to sports), (2)never look at the guy standing next to you at the urinal (or check him out, which is a capital offense), and (3)always make sure there is at least one vacant urinal between you and the other guy, unless there are only two or it's crowded. Nothing stops a piss stream quicker than walking into a men's room that has 10 vacant urinals and having another guy walk up to the one right next to you and starting a conversation." - John Steen

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