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GuyRule # 203.: Embarrassing Pet Names

"Girlfriends and wives love to give their men pet names, but sometimes they violate the 'not in public' rule and call you that name in front of friends, family or (worst of all) other guys. What do you do when this happens? First, you have to act mildly embarrassed (this tells everyone that you that you don't really like being called 'schmoopy'). Second, go along good-naturedly with any ribbing the others might give you (this shows that you're a good guy and can take a little joke). Third, casually but assertively move along with the original conversation or change the subject (this gets you out of the Pet Name Zone as soon as possible while remaining cool). NEVER get openly angry at your wife/girlfriend because either her feelings will be hurt and you won't get any for a while, or she'll remember that it's a sore spot and she'll do it again when the time is right. Guys can call their wife/girlfriend a pet name if it is not an embarrassing one or if they are among other couples they know really well." -Jerry
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