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GuyRule # 225.: Baseball Fielding Error

Rule applies to infielders only...

"Any time you allow a ground ball between your legs you must immediately hold your glove in front of you with the pocket facing your face. The glove must also be open. You then look at the glove angrily as if it is completely the glove's fault. You can if time allows pull on the webbing for added effect.

This process can not take more than a few seconds because you are still involved in an ongoing play. It should only last long enough so as to show that it could only be the glove's fault. Outfielders have no time for such action due to the fact that they have to retrieve the ball they just missed.

For the next several batters after the play, you are required to continue adjusting the glove until such time that everyone can clearly see the problem has been fixed." -Chris Ripley

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