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GuyRule # 192.: Injuries: The No-Witness Clause

Sub Rules:

192.0 When a guy gets an injury and none of his buddies have seen it being inflicted on the injured guy: it is o.k. for the injured party to exagerate a) the size of the object causing the injury; b)the force at which the injury was inflicted; c) the length of time it took for the injury to leave a semi- or a permanent scar; and d)the amount of stitches and/or novocaine required to fix the injury. Under no circumstances should a guy try to dethrone Joe Namath, for he is the standard of which all guys compare pain. It is NOT guy behavior to fill in other guys on the TLC he received by his a) wife, b) girlfriend or c)sexy school nurse except if the guy scored, at which point he must perform a complete briefing to the other guys on how the injury affected sex and how to remediate to the obvious handicap related to the underlining injury. -Dave
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