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GuyRule # 275.: Baseball: Mitts and Myths

"A Guy's mitt is sacred. You should never ask to borrow it, or ask how he broke it in (never admit that you don't know how to break in a mitt after the age of 12). Unless a guy tanks every ball hit his way, his mitt should never be criticized, no matter how fucked up it might look.

Guys who play baseball tend to be superstitious about it. If you wear a wristband once to hide a barscar and go 4 for 4, you'll wear it evermore. A Guy Rule is never to interfere with or interrupt another Guy's ritual or routine when preparing to hit or take the field.

Finally, a BIG Guy Rule in Baseball: If a guy gets stranded on base at the end of your teams at bat, somebody grabs his glove and takes it out to him so he doesn't have to walk back to the dugout for it. You give him the glove and the obligatory 'nice rip'." -John

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