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GuyRule # 370.0: Fishing Rules...

When fishing with other guys, it's important to know some of the rules: 1. Always look like you know what you're doing, even if it's your first time fishing. 2. Claim to have special techniques for casting, reeling, setting hooks, tying knots, keeping beer cold ect.... 3. Adopt the "what's mine is yours" attitude when it comes to lures and equipment, except when it comes to your special lure. Your special lure is the one lure you've had unusually good luck with, and a good fishing buddy will always respect that. 4. Never act squeamish in front of guys when it comes to hooking worms, or dislodging a hook from a fish. And for god's sakes....never let another guy unhook your fish for you. 5. Always have at least one extra rod and reel availible when fishing, in case someone new joins last minute, or you break something. 6. Always have a brand preference for fishing equipment, and have several reasons ready for sticking with a particular brand. 7. Finally, be ready to identify the different types of fish that are indigineous to your area. There's nothing more annoying than having another guy tell you what the fish you just caught is. -BZ
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