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Category: Buddies 


GuyRule # 185.2: Get the Assist

Sub Rules:

185.0 185.1 185.3 When you're at a bar and your buddy is trying to score with a babe, and you're stuck with the friend, it is your job to help your buddy score by any means possible, i.e. run interference, or prevent the "cock block"; say lots of wonderful things about your buddy (whether bullshit or not, like he calls his mom every day, volunteers at the soup kitchen), because when the girls go to the bathroom the friend will relay this info to the babe, thereby making him look even better, and improving his chances of scoring. Just remember to tell him what bullshit you are laying down on his behalf so he doesn't fuck up the storyline. This could also work in your favor because you come across to the babe's friend as a loyal and selfless buddy. -John Demma/Scott Carlton
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