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GuyRule # 454.0: Protecting Her From the Cold

When you are out in the cold, in the woods, the city, wherever, and a woman who is with you comments on the cold, as a Guy you must offer her whatever you are wearing. It doesn't matter if it is 20 below and all you have on is a T-shirt, you still have to offer it to her. And after you have given her whatever it is, you may not under any circumstances mention the cold. You are allowed to shiver in silence (no chattering teeth), but only when no one is looking. The Colder it is, the better. (More respect from your buddies, and points with the women.) The only exception to the rule is if you just plain don't like the aforementioned cold woman. In which case you are telling her, in guy terms, exactly what you think of her. -Fred Stillman
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