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GuyRule # 538.0: Buying Property

Never let a woman influence you into buying a house, property etc, because this room or that room is "CUTE", or because she likes the "layout". This is all female Bullshit! When a man looks at property, houses, land etc. look at what you will have to t ear out, replace, construct or remodel-and how much money, beer drinking free time and weekends this will cost you. With houses look at three things first: The Basement- Wet bar, finished, storage, room for a "Big Damn Freezer", no water marks, room for a workbench. The Garage- You will spend a lot of time here. A one-car garage is man hell-no room to work or experiment. 2-3 bay with space above= married for a long time, because of male happiness, solitude. The Roof, furnace and water-heater, these are all top-level concerns f or all men, who are married or not, if you buy a home. Other concerns are: location, size of area purchased (real men buy as big a l ot of land as they can i.e. Bonanza, whether you "need" it or not). Bottom line is-Buy Big! Who gives a good goddamn whether you need the room or not, youll find use for it! -Dave -Dave
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