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GuyRule # 549.0: Cheating

If you decide to cheat on your girlfriend for some reason the girl that you do must be at least twice as hot. If the other girl is your ex, cheating must be limited to a maximum of 3 times, otherwise there is a danger of the ex getting too involved and screwing up your situation. And if your woman is extremely hot or if you are married or both, don't cheat, because: a)You have no reason to, and b)If it ever gets back to her, you'll regret it for life. -Jamal Crawford
WP & G voted:

I would love to find out just what moral sail this guy is guided by. The situation that he is managing sounds like it would be a great story. I did chuckle mind you but the club brought it in low. Any ideas why? -G I think I'll go GuyRule because of the last part. -WP

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