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GuyRule # 554.0: Gettin'

When employed in a food related job (e.g., fast food restaurant, bartender, busboy, waiter, etc.), it is your duty as a man to scam as much consumable matter (food, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages except for Zima) as possible. If you are able to get your hands on excessively large amounts of edible bounty, make sure to keep them in places where people can see them and envy your luck and scamming skill, unless said food has to be refrigerated. If you are in possession of large amounts of alcohol (especially if it is more than you can drink, if thats even possible), it is nice (but not required) to share it with your friends or disperse it among buddies and hot chicks at parties.By doing this you will gain Robin Hood-like status with your friends, and the ladies will think you're a generous guy and just might want to get to know you better (Don't ever tell the girls where you got it though). The one thing you cannot do is get caught. Also, this rule doesn't apply if your employer is a relative, friend, or someone you have abnormally high respect for. -Nick
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