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GuyRule # 563.0: Your Three Stories

Every Guy must have at least three stories to his credit that belong solely to him: 1. The Jail Story 2. The Sex Story 3. The Injury Story These stories cam be accumulated over time (guys usually start in high school). These stories have to be elaborate and they must get better every time you tell them, and be sure to include lots of impressions of your friends or people involved, accompanied with lots of laughing and praise-worthy adjectives, like "amazing", "incredible", "unbelievable", etc. The only people who should have direct knowledge of how the story originally happened (or if it happened at all) are you and close friends. Friends can even help you out by boasting your bogus or slightly exaggerated story and backing up the storyteller every so often with positive phrases, like "I still can't believe you did that!” Remember to be creative, and sell the story. Practice at work or school by telling bogus stories to co-workers and classmates, and get a friend to back you up. Create your own reputation out of thin air. My friends and I had many laughs at the expense of gullible classmates, but they are most dramatic when perfectly executed in the bar. Chicks love danger too, they think it’s sexy. Make up stories about various scars, remind them how much you drank, and make sure you emphasize the hotness (or ugliness) of the chick you woke up next to, and most of all have fun! -Nick N
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