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GuyRule # 605.0: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the fourth most important day in a relationship (the other days being the Anniversary, birth date, and Christmas). Valentine's Day is often abbreviated as "V-Day," which sounds a lot like "D-Day," and with good cause. "V-Day" is the optimal day to A) Start a relationship with that woman, or B) Progress a relationship in means that would other wise be considered "wimpy" or "pussy-whipped." Therefore, when that guy in your group is doing something (throwing his money and amorous ideals on the shores of Female-Normandy) for Valentine's Day don't give him shit over it!!! (As long as he is only pussy-whipped for only that day). If you are more wise in the ways of women you should aid him because his goal in honorable -eventually scoring, if not then, but soon! And last, it is all right to enlist the help of females to buy the best gift that you can. -Jack
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I love "Female-Normandy." LOL Stuff. -G

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