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GuyRule # 53.: I-Know-I'm-Really-Fat-When...

"There's always the Fat-Guy Rule, that says you're supposed to, as the years go on, increase the level at which you determine yourself to be too fat." -G "Ha, ha, heh, ha, ha." -D "Okay. It called the I-Know-I'm-Really-Fat-When Rule. And as you get older, you always kick up that size to where you're fat just a little bit more, where you'll admit to yourself, 'I'm really fat.' You always kick that up a little bit as you get older. So when you're younger, you'll grab like one-one-hundredth of an inch. That's fat. But as you get older, you know, if you can grab it by two hands and still get around 'er, still grab it all, then you're still okay-fat. But when you suddenly are at the I-can't-grab-all-the-fat-with-one-hand, then that's when it's time to kick it up to the next level, and that's you're new starting point." -G "...I think I'm getting fat." -D
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