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Test Questions:

Question #1 Unsolicited advice must never be given at: A the start of the project
B middle of the project
C if the guy is pissed off
D if the guy blew his cool
Question #2 It is quite acceptable to make eye contact with another guy during a goodbye: A true
B false
Question #3 If you wash off your plates before putting them into your buddy's dishwasher, what message does it send him? A you're a clean freak
B you're just being nice
C his machine isn't good enough to clean the plates
D depends on whether he washes them off or not
Question #4 Why acknowledge the hello? A Because it's polite
B for the sake of maintaining a solid balance of Guydom
C to prevent a fight
D because it demonstrates your self confidence
Question #5 What type of nailing separates the Guy from the boys: A it doesn't matter, as long you have the biggest hammer
B sinking the nail in the fewest hits
C nailing upright two-by-fours
D ceiling nailing
Question #6 If your buddy is complaining about his weight, you can make him feel better by: A reassuring him that he's not that fat
B agreeing him with and ridiculing him
C Share the Fat, by saying you're fat too
D compliment his wife's cooking
Question #7 When buying beer, when is it permissable not to buy anything for the wife? A Always, since she has a car of her own
B Always because she does the shopping so she can buy her own wine
C Never, it will haunt you if you don't bring her something
D Never, because you will probably have to go back anyway for something she forgot to tell you to buy
Question #8 When two Guys are discussing something excitedly, one Guy can establish conversation dominance by: A Ignoring the other Guy
B Inserting smartass comments
C Speaking louder and faster
D Trumping the other Guy's bullshit
Question #9 In baseball, the Guy who's leaning into the plate and inevitably strikes out is usually the same Guy who: A Swings the bat around too much to make people think it's not heavy for him
B Chokes up on the bat too much
C Wears the batting helmet two sizes too big
D Always throws harder than is necessary
Question #10 If your buddy points out a hot woman he spotted in the distance, offering you the "Courtesy Check-Out": A You must look no matter what
B You must show you're cooler than him by not caring
C You may blow him some shit if she doesn't meet your standards
D Comment heavily on the woman's anatomy