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Test Questions:

Question #1 If your buddy makes an excuse for slow sawing, and it turns out to be false, when is it essential to slam him home? A if he didn't bring beer
B if he showed up late
C if it's a simple cut
D when he's an early-jumper-in-guy
Question #2 True or False. It's appropriate to blow a guy shit for using a brand new tool on a job too small for that tool. A True
B False
Question #3 If you wash off your plates before putting them into your buddy's dishwasher, what message does it send him? A you're a clean freak
B you're just being nice
C his machine isn't good enough to clean the plates
D depends on whether he washes them off or not
Question #4 When your buddy offers to take over, when do you relinquish control? A when your buddy's pissed off
B if your ego's been taking a beating
C when you're really tired and you've already responded with the token protest
D none of the above
Question #5 Whose responsibility is it to signal break time when you're working hard on a project? A the guy who's been working the hardest
B the fattest guy
C the oldest guy
D the youngest guy
Question #6 All Guy Rules that apply in your own yard also apply on the hard-core construction site, but by what degree? A knowledge of construction
B number of guys working
C vulgarity
D quality of tools
Question #7 To avoid beer backsplash, you: A stick your tongue in the tip of the bottle
B don't worry about it
C bring the bottle down slightly so the pressure goes off the top lip
D don't let the bottle touch your mouth
Question #8 When you're on an escalator, standing still for the ride, and a woman walks passed you, as a Guy, you must: A Feel compelled to move along as well
B Wait until she is beyond eye contact before checking her out
C Sneak a good look at her butt
D Look at your shoes and wish you had the nuts to look at her butt
Question #9 When two Guys are discussing something excitedly, one Guy can establish conversation dominance by: A Ignoring the other Guy
B Inserting smartass comments
C Speaking louder and faster
D Trumping the other Guy's bullshit
Question #10 When in a public urinary somewhere in Australia, guys always leave plenty of space between themselves and the other guys because: A All the urinaries are very small
B Because of the closeness of the urinals
C This allows for private space and guys with poor aim.
D To avoid knocking the other guy's arm and spilling his ale