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Test Questions:

Question #1 While working on a project with other guys, it's very important to have your own tools. However, of all the tools, it's essential to have this one: A hammer
B gloves
C nails
D tape measure
Question #2 If you're doing something with a buddy that takes a particular skill, and you don't know what the hell you're doing, you: A ask for help
B mimic his actions
C blame it on your tools
D blame it on the beer
Question #3 What's the most important criteria in lumber selection? A cost
B weather-treated
C no warping
D type of lumber
Question #4 Why acknowledge the hello? A Because it's polite
B for the sake of maintaining a solid balance of Guydom
C to prevent a fight
D because it demonstrates your self confidence
Question #5 To avoid beer backsplash, you: A stick your tongue in the tip of the bottle
B don't worry about it
C bring the bottle down slightly so the pressure goes off the top lip
D don't let the bottle touch your mouth
Question #6 When you're on an escalator, standing still for the ride, and a woman walks passed you, as a Guy, you must: A Feel compelled to move along as well
B Wait until she is beyond eye contact before checking her out
C Sneak a good look at her butt
D Look at your shoes and wish you had the nuts to look at her butt
Question #7 When buying beer, when is it permissable not to buy anything for the wife? A Always, since she has a car of her own
B Always because she does the shopping so she can buy her own wine
C Never, it will haunt you if you don't bring her something
D Never, because you will probably have to go back anyway for something she forgot to tell you to buy
Question #8 When two Guys are discussing something excitedly, one Guy can establish conversation dominance by: A Ignoring the other Guy
B Inserting smartass comments
C Speaking louder and faster
D Trumping the other Guy's bullshit
Question #9 It's acceptable to wear a musty shirt left in the washer too long on a first date as long as you attempt to cover up the smell with your favorite cologne: A True
B False
Question #10 When in a public urinary somewhere in Australia, guys always leave plenty of space between themselves and the other guys because: A All the urinaries are very small
B Because of the closeness of the urinals
C This allows for private space and guys with poor aim.
D To avoid knocking the other guy's arm and spilling his ale