Test Questions:

Question #1 What type of nailing separates the Guy from the boys:
A it doesn't matter, as long you have the biggest hammer
B sinking the nail in the fewest hits
C nailing upright two-by-fours
D ceiling nailing
Question #2 If you're the type of guy who leaves tools and material laying all over the site until the end of the day, but your host is the type of guy who picks things up along the way, do you:
A stand by your habits
B drink more beer
C offer help, knowing he won't accept
D follow the host's lead
Question #3 While trading insult for insult with another guy while carefully maintaining buddy Guydom balance, you must:
A Participate in friendly light jabs to the shoulder and ribs
B Laugh after each insult
C Not get overly defensive
D Never touch on known private matters
Question #4 Whose responsibility is it to signal break time when you're working hard on a project?
A the guy who's been working the hardest
B the fattest guy
C the oldest guy
D the youngest guy
Question #5 Your buddy bought a new motorcycle or other vehicle and you don't like it. So you want to send a negative message, but still honor the requirements of this Guy Rule. You make a positive comment on the:
A tires
B kick-stand
C cc's
D paint job
Question #6 When does ego dwindle on the project site?
A When the project is taking longer than you all envisioned
B When you've had enough beers
C After you're half way through the project
D After the first really bad confrontation
Question #7 Every guy is compelled to do what in regard to his porno books?
A test the waters with your wife
B read them cover to cover
C never read anything, only look at the pictures
D never loan them out
Question #8 This statement is true or false: finishing first is more important than quality
A True
B False
Question #9 What queue will your buddy give you when it's not acceptable to listen in on his phone conversation?
A the shake of the eyebrow
B a hard look
C he'll point you out of the room
D a grunt or a moan
Question #10 When helping your buddy install his new car stereo, only ridicule him if
A His new stereo sucks
B It's your car he's tearing apart
C He's been working too long on the project
D He gets the connections wrong

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