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Test Questions:

Question #1 Unsolicited advice must never be given at: A the start of the project
B middle of the project
C if the guy is pissed off
D if the guy blew his cool
Question #2 The trick that can be used in the Do-it-Yourself Guy Rule is the: A work a little faster
B suggest a break
C work a little longer
D none of the above
Question #3 When bringing beer over to a guy's house for consumption during a project, you must bring canned beer as opposed to bottles because: A broken glass is dangerous on a construction site
B cans are cooler
C you remove the possibility of excessive displays of testosterone
D canned beer is cheaper
Question #4 How can you totally recover after a poor performance in sawing of the wood? A salvaging a bent nail
B buying the next round of beer
C making an entertaining excuse
D ripping on the previous home owner
Question #5 If your wife doesn't like you to party, what do you tell your partying friends? A Sorry, I can't party. You know...the wife thing
B She's cool with it
C I'll have a couple
D Oh, what the hell!
Question #6 This statement is true or false: finishing first is more important than quality A True
B False
Question #7 Whose responsibility is it to signal break time when you're working hard on a project? A the guy who's been working the hardest
B the fattest guy
C the oldest guy
D the youngest guy
Question #8 Of the following words, which one is NOT banned from being uttered in a "guy" situation like working on a project? A Nurturing
B Loving
C Respect
D Warm
Question #9 When two Guys are discussing something excitedly, one Guy can establish conversation dominance by: A Ignoring the other Guy
B Inserting smartass comments
C Speaking louder and faster
D Trumping the other Guy's bullshit
Question #10 It's acceptable to wear a musty shirt left in the washer too long on a first date as long as you attempt to cover up the smell with your favorite cologne: A True
B False