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Test Questions:

Question #1 The trick that can be used in the Do-it-Yourself Guy Rule is the: A work a little faster
B suggest a break
C work a little longer
D none of the above
Question #2 When is it acceptable to fart in another guy's car? A anytime
B only on a long road trip
C only after he himself has farted
D if you think you can get away with it
Question #3 True or False. It's appropriate to blow a guy shit for using a brand new tool on a job too small for that tool. A True
B False
Question #4 This statement is true or false: finishing first is more important than quality A True
B False
Question #5 When helping a buddy move into a new place, what can you christen first? A faucets
B lights
C swiming pool
D toilet
Question #6 When your buddy offers to take over, when do you relinquish control? A when your buddy's pissed off
B if your ego's been taking a beating
C when you're really tired and you've already responded with the token protest
D none of the above
Question #7 What piece of equipment must be complimented? A safety glasses
B tool belt
C working gloves
D ruler
Question #8 What type of nailing separates the Guy from the boys: A it doesn't matter, as long you have the biggest hammer
B sinking the nail in the fewest hits
C nailing upright two-by-fours
D ceiling nailing
Question #9 What's one of the situations when you can't really enjoy your beer? A it's too warm
B it's the last beer before The Big Switch
C your buddy brought over cheap beer
D you really didn't feel like drinking
Question #10 Of the words below, which one is NOT explicitly banned on the project site when spoken between guys: A Nurturing
B Warm
C Loving
D Please