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Test Questions:

Question #1 While working on a project with other guys, it's very important to have your own tools. However, of all the tools, it's essential to have this one: A hammer
B gloves
C nails
D tape measure
Question #2 What's the most important criteria in lumber selection? A cost
B weather-treated
C no warping
D type of lumber
Question #3 Why wouldn't you offer beer to the guys too early in the morning, after just starting the project? A you don't want to get drunk before accomplishing anything
B that would throw other Rules into chaos
C it's unsafe
D you'd spend too much money on beer
Question #4 If you're the type of guy who leaves tools and material laying all over the site until the end of the day, but your host is the type of guy who picks things up along the way, do you: A stand by your habits
B drink more beer
C offer help, knowing he won't accept
D follow the host's lead
Question #5 When does ego dwindle on the project site? A When the project is taking longer than you all envisioned
B When you've had enough beers
C After you're half way through the project
D After the first really bad confrontation
Question #6 Why acknowledge the hello? A Because it's polite
B for the sake of maintaining a solid balance of Guydom
C to prevent a fight
D because it demonstrates your self confidence
Question #7 When your buddy offers to take over, when do you relinquish control? A when your buddy's pissed off
B if your ego's been taking a beating
C when you're really tired and you've already responded with the token protest
D none of the above
Question #8 Whose responsibility is it to signal break time when you're working hard on a project? A the guy who's been working the hardest
B the fattest guy
C the oldest guy
D the youngest guy
Question #9 When you're on an escalator, standing still for the ride, and a woman walks passed you, as a Guy, you must: A Feel compelled to move along as well
B Wait until she is beyond eye contact before checking her out
C Sneak a good look at her butt
D Look at your shoes and wish you had the nuts to look at her butt
Question #10 When in a public urinary somewhere in Australia, guys always leave plenty of space between themselves and the other guys because: A All the urinaries are very small
B Because of the closeness of the urinals
C This allows for private space and guys with poor aim.
D To avoid knocking the other guy's arm and spilling his ale