Test Questions:

Question #1 Of the following words, which one is NOT banned from being uttered in a "guy" situation like working on a project?
A Nurturing
B Loving
C Respect
D Warm
Question #2 What piece of equipment must be complimented?
A safety glasses
B tool belt
C working gloves
D ruler
Question #3 If your wife doesn't like you to party, what do you tell your partying friends?
A Sorry, I can't party. You know...the wife thing
B She's cool with it
C I'll have a couple
D Oh, what the hell!
Question #4 When your buddy offers to take over, when do you relinquish control?
A when your buddy's pissed off
B if your ego's been taking a beating
C when you're really tired and you've already responded with the token protest
D none of the above
Question #5 When you're with a guy who's purchasing lumber for his project, and you see that he is making unacceptable lumber selections, you:
A jump in and correct him
B let him make the mistakes
C it depends on how far into the project you are
D it depends on how well you know the guy
Question #6 As a passenger, it's quite acceptable to adjust the air conditioning in the car.
A true
B false
Question #7 You're at the gas station filling up the cruiser. The pump stops at the desired amount but....
A You should quickly remove the nozzle and replace it in the pump.
B You should pretend you are a "adult film" star, pull the nozzle out and spray down the car.
C Do that shake-squeeze-shake method to get the last little bit of gas.
D Real men don't have cars, they have Harleys.
Question #8 When helping your buddy install his new car stereo, only ridicule him if
A His new stereo sucks
B It's your car he's tearing apart
C He's been working too long on the project
D He gets the connections wrong
Question #9 What's one of the situations when you can't really enjoy your beer?
A it's too warm
B it's the last beer before The Big Switch
C your buddy brought over cheap beer
D you really didn't feel like drinking
Question #10 What's the most important criteria in lumber selection?
A cost
B weather-treated
C no warping
D type of lumber

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