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GuyRule # 56.: Examining the Project When Finished

"After you've finished the project, you've always gotta step back and proudly examine it. I don't know, about 25 yards or so, you step back and grade your project. Now, you've got to be a little more critical than you'd normally be, because it doesn't usually turn out exactly the way that you'd hoped it would be. That's when you've got to get critical. Then eventually you have a few beers and you begin to realize that it wasn't all that bad." -G "Even if there's alot of things wrong with the end results of the project, you've gotta point out the good things. For example, the RV gate we just built. This gate closes perfectly, it's a great seal, let's see, what else can we say about her..." -D "It's plumb." -D "Ah, there's a handful of things we could point out." -G "But the point is, note the good spots and you'll be happy." -D "That thing is solid." -G "It'll last forever." -D :-)
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