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GuyRule # 62.: Two Types of Campers

"Guy Rule is there's two types of campers, okay? The first camper is the Mister-Let's-Go-Anywhere-That-This-4-Wheel-Drive-Can-Go-And-We'll-Put-Some-Logs-Together-For-A-Shitter kind of camper. Self-contained, above-ground, moving camperatus. That's number one. The second is We've-Gotta-Go-Where-There's-A-Restroom-Get-A-Campsite-Where-You-Hang-A-Ticket kind of camper. That's where you've gotta have a specific fire ring, and you know, the only thing you don't bring is your brae cheese. That's the two kinds of campers. One of the Guy Rules is you can't really say anything about the other guy's form of camping. Because you're just as adamant about your form of camping as he is about his, see." -G
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