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Category: Camping 


GuyRule # 83.: Committed to Making the Fire

"When you're camping, the guy who says 'I'm gonna start a fire' is the guy who has to follow through on it. Once he starts making the fire, is attempting to get it going, no other guy can step in and say, 'Ah, move over. You don't know how to make a fire! Let me make that fire.' The guy who starts it out has to make the fire. He's gotta finish it off and God help him, if he just, too early on, relinquishes that duty with, 'Oh, okay, you make the fire.' That's the thing. He's got to follow through, until finally, if he's spent enough time at it, he can then look at his pals and go, 'All right, so I don't know how to make a fire, you make the fire." -D
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