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GuyRule # 86.: A Captain Picard Guy Rule

"This Guy Rule come directly from Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise(tm). As an officer's commanding officer, he has to be stern with them, tough, tell them how it is according to the code of their military. So when someone does something a little shaky, he brings 'em into his office and gives 'em the hard line. Tells them what's up, what to do, then addresses them by their rank title and says 'Your dismissed.' But then, just before they leave the room, as their walking out, he addresses them again, in a softer tone, by their first God-given name. They turn around, and then he gives them the soft, humanistic sort of approach. To kinda ease them in, to ease what to told them. To make it settle more in their gut. That's effective leadership!" -D "Here's how it is. He unloads on your ass, okay, and then just before you're ready to go, he doesn't want you to go out totally cryin', 'cause he knows ('cause he's been bitched out himself), there's two kinds of bosses. The guy that throws you that little bone. 'Okay, hey, all right.' Then there's always 'That sonnovabitch! He didn't even throw me the bone! He should've thrown me the bone.'" -G
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