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GuyRule # 90.: I love you too

Sub Rules:

90.1 90.2 When you're on the telephone and you're talkin' to your wife or girlfriend, you know that for some reason, she'll always puts you in that embarrassing position of asking you if you love her. In particular, the time usually comes up when you're with your buddies, and she knows you're with your buddies. She has to ask you before hanging up the phone, if you love her. So if you're around a bunch of guys that you don't really know, and depending on how far you are into doing Guy Stuff, whether it be working out in the yard, or fixing the car or working on some kind of a project, you're compelled to say 'Me too.' You can't, like just come out and say 'I love you,' because right away the other guys are gonna know you're whipped. But you have to kinda end the conversation with the 'Me too.' Only if you're further along in the project and know the guys really well can you 'I love you too,' and let them hear you say it into the phone. -G
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