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GuyRule # 124.: The Quick-Click Look

"Say you and some buddies are sitting around on your lunch hour, or maybe you are just by yourself. You hear that click-click of high-heals on a hard surface. You gotta look."

"First, there is the 'Quick-Click-Look'. That is to determine if you ears were right and it is indeed a female passing by. It could just be some Skippy in fancy dress shoes. That's why there is a 'Quick-Click' look. You don't want to swing around for a full check-out only to find out it's a guy named Skippy! Big mistake."

"If everything is good so far then go ahead for the full scan. If you are with some other guys, they may have opted to bypass the 'Quick-Click' look to wait for your go-ahead before turning around to see due to logistics. You must signal to them."

"It's a GUY RULE!" -B

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