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Category: Ego 


GuyRule # 192.: Injuries

Sub Rules:

192.1 "It's very important that if you get hurt (and especially if the other guys are watching you) you must make every attempt to be cool and/or blow it off in some way by downplaying the pain and extent of damage, laughing at it or even ignoring it. If a guy can and does ignore it and the other guys see that he blew it off without skipping a beat, he gets respect points, even if they don't like him.

"If it was a major injury you should accept help, but with the 'I don't have time for this shit,... but ok..' attitude. When your buddy gets hurt, it's proper to comment on the type and extent of the injury in a low key manner like...'hey! Feels good don't it?' Just make sure you say it as you help him out (if the situation requires it).

"Another thing: If you get a minor injury in front of everyone watching, it's more respect points for you if you work just a bit faster and harder to show that it was nothing and that it didn't even phase you. Just try not to sling blood all over the place, that's not cool. Control your blood flow." -Ron

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