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GuyRule # 349.0: The Ugly Chick Pick Up Slam

If your buddy takes home an ugly chick from the bar, the level at which you can ride his ass into the ground about it is based on the following criteria: How big the beer goggles (1 beer: never bring up the subject; 10 beers: 1-6 months; a case: rail him for the rest of his natural life) How ugly the chick (mild: for most of the following afternoon; homely: til you get bored; deformed: til Alzheimer's relieves you of the memory of the incident) The emotional state of said buddy (embarrassed: rail for 6-10 hours; hostile/surly: smart bomb him every few hours over the course of a year); bland/denial: crush him to dust until he begs for mercy) It is important to remember that this raft of shit should only be floated in private, or around other guys who were hanging at the bar with you that night (see Rules of Engagement regarding wise-ass remarks in public) -Pablo
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